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The Daily Beast: Pocketed Performance Pants

Whether you’re rock scrambling up craggy cliffs, hiking up lava-seared volcanic rock, trekking through verdant foothills, ascending icefalls, or just going for a jog in your neighborhood, you need practical performance pants as tough as you are. Adventure aficionados are spoiled for choice when it comes to activewear but, unfortunately for women, there’s often one critical feature missing: pockets.

In fact, in-depth research into the gender pocket gap suggests that women’s pockets, when they exist, are 48 percent shorter and 6.5 percent narrower than men’s pockets. While all men’s pockets can hold an iPhone X, for example, only 40 percent of women’s pockets can. After all, only 10 percent of women’s pockets have room for their own hands—let alone their adventure necessities. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up six of the most functional performance pants for women that actually boast pockets—useable pockets.


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