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Shape: Surfing Swimsuits

You're gliding into a glassy wave, swaddled in the swell that's carrying you down the line. It's nothing but you and the ocean, and her force is fierce. There's something inexplicably empowering about it all, using nothing but the power of a positive mind — trusting of and consciously grounded in your body — to ride that wave, literally and figuratively. It's emboldening and revitalizing.

And then you feel the ocean breeze on your salty skin, and… you realize you're topless.

That's what happens when you don't suit up properly. While there's an array of beautiful swimsuits, rash guards, and wetsuits for women to shop, all too many of them sacrifice function for fantasy (or tan lines). There's a gamut of technicalities to consider when you're hunting for a surfing swimsuit — from the cut and fabric to the thickness and UV protection to the stretch and sealing.


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