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annamarie houlis

nomadic journalist.

multihyphenate copywriter.

audacious activist.

adventure aficionado.

alliteration addict.



I’m AnnaMarie (or Re). Since spending several years cultivating my writing career as an editor in New York City, I've manifested the freelance journey of my dreams.


I've spent the last few years solo-traveling more than 70 countries around the world while writing about my adventures and systemic women's issues for internationally acclaimed magazines, both online and in print. Beyond my work as a journalist, I share my written communication skills as a copywriter across a gamut of platforms for big businesses and scaling startups alike.

When I'm not writing, you'll find me surfing, wire-wrapping jewelry, boxing or plucking a ukulele.

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Travel is both my medication and a cyclic, unabated addiction—my curiosities feed my impetus to travel, and my travels whet an abiding curiosity. My experiences from the field continue to color both my travel writing and my discourse surrounding gender, sexuality and culture across all corners of the globe. Moreover, the lessons I’ve learned and the skills I’ve cultivated in my itinerant life outside society's box are exceedingly valuable in an ever-evolving media landscape."

8 ways travel has enhanced my career


1. I welcome a challenge.

For me, challenges incite deep determination. I'd somehow never been hiking before I embarked on a solo trek through the Himalayas during Nepal's monsoon season. The physically and mentally challenging venture hammered in my head that, where there’s a will, there's certainly a way. Somehow I kept putting one foot before the other. I learned how to ask for help. And I realized that a bit of breathing and believing is all the ammunition I need. Read about my trek!


2. I rewire limiting beliefs.

I’d anticipated some hiccups when I bought and converted a 1991 rust bucket to solo camp across Australia during burgeoning bushfires and an unprecedented global pandemic. But since surviving 2020 in a 30-year-old-old van alone in the Aussie bush, I'll never say never again. Read about my van life adventures!


3. I mindfully communicate.

In traveling, I've developed an ability to communicate in ways beyond native tongue. I've learned to communicate with intention and empathy—both verbally and nonverbally—to manage my way outside my comfort zone, beyond borders and across continents. Through sharing and listening, I've made friends and family of strangers across all backgrounds—even despite cultural and language barriers. That's one of the most valuable and applicable skills I've obtained.


4. I'm not afraid to dive deeper.

Despite paralyzing claustrophobia and an irrational fear of fish, diving deep down into the crystal blue Caribbean off the coast of Honduras reminded me that a wise one knows they know nothing. There's so much more to discover about the world—and a story or a brand—when we're willing to take the plunge.


5. I’m deadline-driven.

Hiking up 13,041 feet of soft volcanic rock at Guatemala's Volcán Acatenango was far from an easy feat. But the sun was soon rising, and I had to finish what I'd started before it did. So I rock scrambled up by headlamp to watch the sun and spewing lava paint the sky orange. My legs trembled and my chest ached, but nature's clock—like a tight deadline—motivated me to keep climbing.


6. I value diversity.

The billions of birds. The leopards and lions. The herds of elephants and gracefully grazing giraffes. And the zebras dancing in the dust before the reddest sun—a sun that eventually dipped into a glittering river of hungry hippos. Camping in Botswana’s Chobe National Park was a beautiful reminder of not only how much we should appreciate diversity, but also of the key role diversity plays in making the world—and business—go ’round.

Image by Herve Villard Habonimana

7. I appreciate teamwork.

Whitewater rafting down the most spiritual and polluted river in the world (teeming with some 35,000 discarded dead bodies) taught me the true meaning of teamwork. Hanging on through the frothing rapids in India's Ganges River meant paddling together to survive unscathed together. Read about whitewater rafting down the Ganges!


8. I thrive in my independence.

I travel solo, armed with unwavering perseverance, humility, consciousness and a proclivity for traversing parts of this planet people too often advise women against. Doing so has shown me my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. It's taught me to be my own pilot and co-pilot—to trust, motivate and empower myself. This sort of inner self-work translates in my client work. Read about how I solo travel without fear—and why I think all women should!



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