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nomadic journalist

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SEO strategist

multi-platform storyteller

published book author

alliteration addict

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about me

I’m AnnaMarie (or Re, for short). 

Since cultivating my career as an editor in New York City—building an extensive network of writers, editors, PR professionals and brand representatives—I've spent the better part of a decade traveling to over 80 countries and counting as nomadic writer.

I'm a journalist and a copywriter. A storyteller.

Whether with impact-driven journalism or by voicing inspiring brand backgrounds, I have an insatiable passion for shaping narratives that resonate with readers.


I've published endless pieces about my own stories—from whitewater rafting down the Ganges and trekking across the Himalayas to vanlifing around the Aussie bush and surviving Mauritania's scorching Sahara atop the world's longest iron train (pictured). And I empower my clients of all kinds—from big businesses to scaling startups across industries—to communicate theirs, too.

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Travel is both my medication and a cyclic, unabated addiction—my curiosities feed my impetus to travel, and my travels whet an abiding curiosity. My experiences from the field continue to color my writing; moreover, the lessons I’ve learned and the skills I’ve cultivated in my itinerant life outside society's box are exceedingly valuable in an ever-evolving media landscape."


8 ways travel has enhanced my career

I'm available for
article assignments
+ copywriting contracts.

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reverie creative

In 2021, I launched Reverie Creative to work more intentionally with inclusive brands in the travel, outdoors and wellness spaces. From travel outlets to tourism companies, outdoor retailers to activewear brands, wellness centers to health-tech apps—and beyond—my team of creators and I craft content that's imaginative, inspirational and informative.

Get my book.

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